Russian born model-turned-photographer, Irina Smirnova, walked into the first modeling school of Petrozavodsk and said, “I want to be a model.”  Six months after, her career spanned Scandinavia through Russian, a divorced mother of two daughters, eventually producing her own beauty pageants and returning to Petrozavodsk to found the city’s first women’s spa and club resort.  


Future years brought Smirnova to America, where she continued to model and began her career as a photographer.  Her photographs appear in major magazines such as Ukrainian magazines like Cosmo Lady and Test•Drive.  Smirnova is hired to photograph for myriad venues from websites to New York fashion week.

Since she learned a lot from her modeling days, Irina can always give advice to the models and make people feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. She loves creative and artistic pictures, and always looking for new exciting projects. Her motto is "If you do something do it with passion."


© Irina Smirnova

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